I was all set and ready to go with my clients colour selection for their daughter’s cake smash coming up this week, when they had a change of heart on the colours they wanted to use for the shoot. This theme is based on their chosen cake which will be a giant cupcake with rich pink frosting, decorated with a turquoise number one.

I always want my clients to love the end results, so of course I said I would try my best to accommodate their new choices. This is what I managed to come up with a little haphazardly, but I still love the outcome!
Custmised Tutu and Garland

So… for the past four days I have been scrambling around to make the adjustments, set up and test before the day of the shoot. I managed to find a turquoise tutu on ebay last week and a lovely bundle of fabric. Ebay have amazing choices when it comes to fabric bundles!  I cut the fabric into strips added a few to the tutu, and made a colourful tasseled garland.

Tassled Garland

Customised Tutu

Additionally, I went to the local habdab in Haslemere to find some more tutu fabric and ribbons (I needed a lot more pink), this is where I came upon the wooden beads and the idea formed to make a beaded necklace.

Customised Tutu

This necklace would tie in nicely with the garland and tutu. I used one of the strips to wrap around to beads. As you can see the stitching is a bit meh… I realised once I had finished with the beading that it was a little harsh so I used some of the flowery fabric to soften the look, hence the stuffed butterfly!

I must profess to not being the best with a needle and thread, but I did put my heart into making that butterfly. I think that necklace took me the whole day to make!